Keynote Speakers

Tuesday Keynote Speaker

Kim StobelKim Strobel – Education Consultant, Happiness & Empowerment Coach

Kim Strobel is an empowered motivational speaker, education consultant, and happiness coach who works with K-12 teachers and schools throughout the Midwest. As a former curriculum director and district-wide literacy coordinator, she has worked with students and teachers at every level on topics that range from writer’s workshop, reader’s workshop, vocabulary, close reading, growth mindset, genius hour, standards-based grading and assessing, and increasing happiness levels and well-being in the workplace. Her expertise in curriculum and instruction has helped many schools increase student achievement and create positive climates that focus on the well-being of everyone.

Along the way, she has become a teacher, a consultant, a motivational speaker, a happiness coach, an aspiring author, and a mission-minded person who has found her calling. She is known for her fiercely energetic presentations, her “realness”, and her authenticity. She has been and continues to be “in the trenches” with teachers. Along the way, she combines her own dedication to the teaching profession with a positive message of inspiration, which leaves teachers feeling both empowered and confident to renter their classrooms.

Follow Kim on Twitter @strobeled.


Wednesday Keynote Speaker

Pernille RippPernille Ripp – Author and Educator

Pernille Ripp is an expert in literacy and technology integration and dedicates her research and practice to developing engaged and empowered students and communities.

She is a teacher, speaker, author, blogger, and passionate advocate for education. She is a Skype Master Teacher; Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert; recipient of the 2015 WEMTA Making IT Happen Award; and the 2015 ISTE Award for Innovation in Global Collaboration.

In 2010, Pernille founded The Global Read Aloud, a global literacy initiative that began with a simple goal in mind: one book to connect the world. From its humble beginnings, the GRA has grown to connect more than 2,000,000 students in 60 different countries.

She is the author of Passionate Learners – How to Engage and Empower Your Students (Routledge), now in its second edition, Empowered Schools, Empowered Students (Corwin), Reimagining Literacy Through Global Collaboration (Solution Tree), and the forthcoming Passionate Readers (Routledge) focusing on creating learning spaces and communities where students thrive and all stakeholders are empowered and passionate about learning. Her work has also been featured by many print and online journals including Edutopia, School Library Journal, The Guardian, and MiddleWeb.

You can follow Pernille’s work on Blogging Through The Fourth Dimension, her personal blog and a frequent Teach100 top rated education blog. With her mentoring, her own students blogs’ have had more than 600,000 unique views since they began.

Pernille’s current research interest is in creating passionate literacy environments within the restriction of our current educational systems to helping students fall in love with literacy again. She uses her own classroom as a laboratory as well as the many educators she works with across the country.

Follow Pernille on Twitter @pernilleripp.